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Wizards District Gaming, Hornets Venom GT achieve sweeps

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Cooper and Swoopes were among the first to NBA 2K22 MT be acknowledged as the real WNBA faces however it was Leslie was the first to be recognized as the WNBA's official face to Backyard Basketball's audience, which included me. Leslie was the first WNBA player I heard of and helped me get interested in basketball for women.


Then, my involvement in basketball grew steadily. After the 2004 national championships both in ladies and men's basketball, UConn Huskies were featured on Sports Illustrated's cover featuring Emeka Okafor. Following that, I became a Sacramento Monarchs fan. I watched them play in the 2006 WNBA Finals against Detroit Shock. Since watching Parker play in the 2007 national championships won by the Tennessee Lady Volunteers, I've been a huge fan of basketball for women. I began writing about the WNBA in 2012.


I began working at Swish Appeal in 2013 and continue to help increase the profile of women's basketball by providing coverage. Lisa Leslie's appearance at computer games inspired children to keep the process of exposure.


Sports Illustrated's policy to feature the UConn women and men on Buy 2K22 MT its cover and ESPN's coverage of the Monarchs, Shock and Lady Vols, and my decision to attend the college that promoted coverage of women's sports played a role in the development of the cycle as well. Video games have a unique ability. When you play as a person, you become a fan as they assist in winning your team. It is clear that Parker's spot on the cover of NBA2K will motivate young youngsters to become dedicated basketball fans.

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